Hello, Again

Hello, again! It's been over a year since I've written here–since my fingers have tapped out anything other than shopping lists, garden plans, and homeschool lessons. It's been a busy season to say the least. Busy and restful all in the same moment. A time of healing and learning how to hope again.

My break from writing and especially social media didn't come suddenly. It was an evolved absence that I didn't realize how much I needed. I slowly backed away from the internet and with each step I shed a little more of the person that I had become–a woman more interested in numbers and names than glorifying Christ (more about that another time). 

Blow after blow over 2015-2016 had left me spinning. I needed to leave the drama. I needed to get my bearings. There were times over the past year that I had drafted my heart only to press delete for wisdom's sake (THANK GOD!) because some things are meant to be worked out in the quietness that is not the internet. 

Though raising four kids, homeschooling, and countless animal and property projects hardly seems like rest, it has been the health of my soul. There are times to make your world smaller, and this has been that time for me. 2015-2016 asked all the questions, 2017 brought the answers–and all of those answers were found within the loving arms of Christ who so faithfully held me close.

I hope to come back to this keyboard again as time permits, not to bring you myself and fulfill my own longing for purpose, but only to bring you Christ and his purpose–a purpose of rescue for weak and needy sinners. 

I hope that your 2017 was filled with much grace and joy. I have missed you all.

Until next time...