Replenish Your Soul

For the past eight summers my family of six has crammed the car full of rafts, towels, sleeping bags, bathing suits, a ridiculous amount of sunscreen, and coolers full of food for the week. We head six hours north to Sequoia National park and it’s worth every minute of the drive. After years of planning, organizing, and packing I have this trip down to a science. I know exactly how much spending money, how many extra towels, and how many meals and snacks to include. The first year we went I spent hours online researching cabins to rent, finding new and fun vacation recipes, and planning out which places we wanted to explore and which activities we would participate in while we were there. This is why we go back to the same place every year. It's predictable. It's easy planning for me now. And most of all it's where we love to be.

With a week void of cell phone and internet service I am left to sit on the shore, gaze at the beauty of the lake set against the back drop of towering mountains and think. I think a lot. Lake thinking is different. It's more unambiguous and many of my best ideas and plans have been born at the lake. This is where I hear God most clearly.

This year was a bit different. With no books in the works and the sober reality that I do not have the time to write another one in this season of my life, along with my newfound freedom of becoming nobody, I felt that I listened more to God than to myself for once. I spent much time talking to God about where He wants me to be serving and what the future looks like for our family but I spent even more time listening. 

I have a full plate with four kids in the house, partially homeschooling, and driving all over Northern San Diego County every day. But I still long to use the gifts God has given me. I don't have the time and space to give myself away on a regular basis, and I no longer want to be involved in public ministry in the same capacity that I was before. I needed something that is good for my family and good for my soul. So I began to pray. What does it look like for a mom of four to use her gifts without giving up too much of her time? The answer was Repleo Retreats. 

This new venture, Repleo Retreats was born at the lake while I was replenishing my soul. I figured that if I could plan a week's stay at a cabin for my family of six then I could certainly do that for a small group of women who desire to get away. 

What is Repleo? In Latin, Repleo means to refill, refresh, and replenish. That’s exactly what I want women who attend a Repleo retreat to experience— a weekend away to replenish their souls. Repleo retreats are designed for the woman who needs rest in an intimate setting with good friends, great meals that she doesn’t have to prepare or clean up, and most of all lots of Jesus. 

If you are located in Southern California (or if you don't mind traveling here for a great weekend) consider grabbing a group of friends and heading to the local mountains with me! Our February Farmhouse Retreat is already full but I have room for a group of five in March. If the March retreat is not your deal (maybe you aren't a group of moms, you have more than five people, or would like to have a weekend away closer to your home) contact me and let's plan something special!

You can find more information on my Repleo Retreats page here