Ordinary Thankfulness


My parents are visiting for Thanksgiving. We don't have a guest room and I'm not about to make them sleep in the kids' beds simply for the reason that I do not care for my guests to discover dried boogers on the wall (yes it happens here too) next to their heads no matter how much blood we share. And so Justin and I find ourselves in two twin beds, our feet hanging off the ends, under purple quilts with a menagerie of stuffed animals staring us down. 

I'm thankful that we still get to share a room. I'm thankful that my girls gave up their beds to sleep on the couch. I'm thankful that they have so many outfits to wear even if they are all on the floor. Or perhaps that's just me trying to live up to the expectations of the holiday.

In all of my thankfulness for a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, and good health I may have thrown a few stuffed animals at a snoring husband, spent some time sweeping up a shattered picture frame at 1:30am (no I didn't throw that too!), and ended up sleeping on the window seat in the living room. 

The spirit of thankfulness continued in our home as I awoke to the harsh words of "I hate you" blessing the morning air. Everything in me wanted to be discouraged but all I could think was, "Thank God my children are healthy enough to have the energy to fight!" (Because that's all I've got at 7:00am). 

I often believe that holidays are supposed to be exempt from the ordinary struggles of life — everyone should be perfectly behaved, perfectly healthy, and I should be perfectly thankful. But that's not reality. That's not life.

Am I thankful today? You bet ya. But thankfulness doesn't always come in the pretty ways we want it too. Sometimes it just looks like living life and staying where you are. One day does not make up our thankfulness for the entire year.

The good news is that God is for us. God is rejoicing over us with gladness no matter what our day looks like today. Your worth is not in the pies you bake, your kids' behavior, or your list of blessings. Christ is your life and you are worthy to be called his Beloved. He is thankful for you. Rest.