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Upcoming Events

*Quail Meadow Farmhouse Cabin Retreat-Christ in the Chaos (Palomar Mountain, California) - February 22-24, 2019

*Quail Meadow Farmhouse Cabin Writer’s Retreat - (Palomar Mountain, California) -March 15-17, 2019

*Grace Bible Church (Santa Maria, California) - March 30, 2019

*Infusion Church -Christ in the Chaos (Escondido, California) - May 2019

*Community Lutheran Church (Escondido, California) -October 18, 2019

*Kaleo Church Women’s Retreat (Pine Valley, California) -November 9, 2019

Do you need a speaker who will bring the gospel to your next event? I'd love to come and share! No event is too small, too off beat, or too casual. I give you the freedom to be creative and host something small and personal that most speakers will not speak at. How about hosting a living room workshop, bonfire, or a night out with friends at your favorite restaurant? Sounds fun to me! Of course I will also speak at more organized events such as teas, bible studies, book clubs, writers groups, MOPS groups, camps, retreats, homeschool groups, and more. 

* I do not have a set fee and will work within the budget of your group. Let's talk! 


Possible topics include:

-Beloved Mess: God's Perfect Love for Your Imperfect Life

-Christ in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood

-Writing with Grace: Keeping the Gospel at the Center of Your Writing

-I will also take more personalized suggestions.





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